Day Five of Lent. [What are your values?]

So I was in church today and the pastor was preaching about we as Christians have values. We have a standard that has been set by God, and that is one standard. Sitting there he began to talk about how today's society follow social norms. Everyone wants to be this way, and that way, but end up being like everyone else. I understood what he was saying that we need to have values. Some may find that Christians are hypocrites, but we are really not. Some of us have just forgot the values that God has set in place. So this what I want to say, if you believe in God, follow his standard and values. Treat your body like a sacred temple. Getting tattoo's and piercing represent bondage, like you are property. Being a pure clean virgin is a the best sacrifice you can give God, because you are waiting till marriage. Up hold these values, or your own personal values that have good intentions. We live in a society today that does not believe in up holding morals, principle or values.

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