Day Six of Lent=Photography.

Today was like temptation at its best. Everyone knows Easter is right around the corner so they start stocking up on candy. Oh my gosh I was walking throughout Rite Aid and it was like candy and cakes on overload. I caught my self drooling over some chocolate cover raisins and jolly ranchers. Then to make matters worst wast that I was in school today and it was like bread and starch heaven. =[. But you know what I learn is that I had to over come it. I ask God to help and he did. Plus on a brighter note, no swearing at all. =D. Today was a good and wonderful day.

Also this what I been doing in the last two days. Like My Sweet Shots? =]


heart charlie said...

Congratulations on resisting all the sweet temptations!!! You have great self-control, I would have caved with the chocolate ;) Nice pics btw

Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

thanks for following my blog!
and oh, i can never resist the dark chocolate in our fridge..or the vanilla ice cream i just ate..hehe.

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Eden said...

you've got incredible shots right there! i love! i can't wait for easter too:)

hope you can show me some love/follow at my site as well!:) i always reciprocate the favour:)


¶ Michelle said...

I love the shots! yeoow go BlackBerry :D