Excepting your size, shape, and height.

I have a couple of blogger that I'm following, and one of them is call: Young, fat and fabulous. I'm really and truly glad to see young women who are curvy and full figure flaunt there size and style. As I was looking over there blogs, someone ask me, "Briana are you plus size or in between?". I really did not know how to answer that question because I always thought of myself as being solid. Both are my parents we slim in their hay days, and when my mom had me she notice that I was a lot fuller than my brothers. Now I like to eat to bread, and that cause a lot of weight to come upon during my preteen years.Over the years, I grew were concoious of my body.I felt that because I was tall I was too fat, or not slender like the models in magazine. When I lost the weight, I could clearly see that I had an odd body shape. Now I can laugh at this, I have no booty so people say, but I have thunder thighs, and a weird torso. I have always struggle with my body image, due to the fact of negative family members, but now that I'm older I'm coming to terms that I have to love the body that God gave me. So now I'm embracing my broad shoulders, my broad back, thunder thigh legs and no having booty self. lol. Ladies and Gents, love the body you have, and like what you have. =D Because when you start to love it, then no one can critize it.



Monique said...

Totally agree! and I love your shades :o)

ko0ty said...

That's a wicked name!

There are things I hate about myself (like my long torso, my weirdly long arms and broad shoulders) but I learned to accept it because I have other features that I do like about myself that outweigh those. Girls need to stop bashing themselves all the time and have more confident in the good things. :D