Awesome weekend, leads into awesome day.

Ah!!!!! ^_^ So if you have not notice I have only been posting like twice during odd days. I know people have been looking forward to reading some of my post, but second semester of college started and I'm just to busy to do anything, literally. Okay so I have like tons of stuff to show and talk about. This pass weekend was awesome and it all started with world prayer day, then lead into a fun night with one of my gals, then car washing, then a joyous time in church on Sunday. So shall we get started, mmmmkayyys!!!!.

Okay on Friday morning me and my mom went to church to pray. The sanctuary was open to all that day to come in a begin to pray. It was good for me and my mom. She being a minister I'm learning a lot. Anyway, I prayed for everyone: family, friends, enemies and the world. I ask God to give peace to everyone. I hope anyone who read my blog from last week, at least tried to pray wherever they were at. Praying alone can help you out in the toughest situations. It's you covering in life, and if you pray you will be cover. ^_^ Hope you prayed. After leaving church, we stop at the beauty hair supply store, and I happen to take this picture of this wig. Yess my dears it was a rainbow color hair wig. To many, a majority think the rainbow represents something Gay [gay means happy], but what it really means, It is a covenant between God and all living creatures on earth. I think I'm going back to buy that wig. It was too funny and that I do mean. Then evening turned into night. ^_^.

Finally got the chance to hang with one of my good friends, Gia. We have been trying to hang for the last two years, but things have been so busy in our lives. We hung down in the harbor where I live, and it was so pretty. I was a little sad that I did not bring my camera. Would have better pictures. lol. But it was fun hanging with her. I learn something, people do love, and opening up your heart can be tough, but when someone betrays you trust, they can never regain you heart again. So people if you are in a relationship [both friendship, family or couple] keep the honest and trust, because once it gone, it's really hard to get it back.

Love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.
[Bible verse.]

Boutzie' ^_^


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