Last night I uploaded some pictures of me wearing some weird makeup, and then someone who shall be nameless, said that I look crazy and that they are going to pray for me. Lol People are always gonna say something negative about a person expresses themselves, and since I'm a free spirit semi hippie bohemian artsy young lady, I get all types of judgements. When I was younger, there was a quote in the movie Harriet the Spy " You are an individual, and that's going to make people nervous". Hearing that quote when I was younger didn't mean much as it does now. God created me to be different, because I'm not of the world. People who are afraid to be themselves, I find them to be ones that judge everyone else. So I say this, don't be oppress by negative opinions of jealous insecure people. If you like to shorts and shave your head then that's you. If you are different continue to be different and stand your ground. We are the ones who are too gifted to fit in with culture norms of this world. Us being different will could or will make an impact on someones else life. Be who God created you to be, different.


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