Family, Food, Crocs, and Stair Master.

Let me see I have posted absolutely nothing since last Monday I believe. But anyway over the pass days I was feeling a little un-motivated in certain areas. I felt like like I was losing something, like I was not feeling creative at all. I guess during this lent season I beginning to slow down and fine out that there is a time and a season for everything. I guess you can say that I'm seeing everything in a whole light. I may not have finest car,or house, but I have Jesus and that more that anything. I have my faith to keep believing that God is going to give me the desires of my heart. I have to be faithful over the things that I have. ^_^. For starters I'm thankful for the shoes and clothes that he has bless me with. Some people do not have clothes at all, or for that matter anything. We have to learn how to be happy with what we have and not be depress for what we do not have. God has us and if we continue to believe everything will be better that what it is.So in other news I finally began to workout after a two year break. lol I know I pack on like a few pounds and it was evident when I was trying on a dress I brought last year. It was beyond snug, it would not pass my stomach. lol But this picture was funny because after working out and burning the calories, I came home and was eating popcorn and chicken lol . So contradictory. Pigging out on the couch is my classic phrase lol. So glad I was on that stair master. =D

But this is what I been up too in the last few days. I'm again motivated and happy. People love your family. You have to be one unit and not divided. Pray for each other and cover each other. ^_^



Eden said...

another super inspiring post:) really reminds me to just be happy and content with what i currently have, for there are others who are struggling strongly out there:)

have a blessed day darling!


lady s. said...

hey girl, thanks for stopping by my blog!!! I would love to check out the minx nails! I know Kim Kardashian did 'em for the Superbowl. Can I see yours?? I just started getting into the nail game and I suck at it.

I'm not religious or anything so i've never done Lent. I give you mad props for giving up on swearing though - I can't do it. It has become a second nature to me. I tried as a New Year's resolution once and I broke it within 3 days (my dad's car was stolen and totaled, I had to translate the whole entire mess since he doesn't speak English).

The hardest part is of course motivation for the gym. But once we get ourselves there, you've got nothing to do but just work it out. It takes a lot of discipline (that I don't have at the moment so I sound like a total hypocrite) and strong will. But you can do it!!!

Which reminds me.. I need to hit up the gym LOL thanks girl

- Susy