Love Covers a Multitude of Sins.

Yess that is true. As a baptist I learn that we are to love the sinner the hate the sin. Many people forget this, but I don't. It's say in the bible that we are not to judge our neighbor for we will be judge. I know there can be people in your life that make it hard to love them for who or what they become, but we have to. We are out brother's and sister's keeper. See loving persons even when they sin, is like giving a miracle to them. If they see that God loves them, and seeing us love them, then they will change. Loving each other is a gift that God wants us to share for his kingdom. So love each other for as God loves you.

Check out this video, for it will have you filled with joy and astonishment and the joy of the holy spirit.



Love you guys!!!.


Eden said...

you are right, we should always, always always remember this. always.

thanks for making my day


Boutzie' said...

You are welcome ^_^