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Hi, I'm following your blog, and I like how you are not afraid to show who you really are. I need advice on something. How do you love the body you have, but it doesn't fit in with the society view of a perfect body. Or How do you love your body?
Thank you =]. Well for me growing up I was pick on for how tall I was, but never about my body. But I was over weight as a child and preteen. Alot had to with the fact that I was depress and stress. I would eat and eat, and eat. About five years ago I lost the weight, but struggle to make my body look the way it did in the magazines. It wasn't until 2008 early 2009 I hit rock bottom. And thats when a few months I started to love the my body for what is was, not what it was suppose to look like. See in this society today women cannot be women. We have to look this way, and that way to excepted by people. So what if you stretch marks, or you don't have the perfect butt or body. God wants us to love ourselves and love what we have. You have love who God created you to be. Love the body you have, and don't worry about those who don't. =]


Boutzie' ^_^

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