Too Gifted to Compromise. ^_^

Today I attended a funeral for young minister who was on fire for the Lord. As I sit here and reminisce about the funeral, I cannot help but think of the large impact he made on his peers, adults and those who were younger than he was. In this day, age and time young people are being snatch by the enemy. We are at war for our lives. But God has appointed those who he created to bring them back to the salvation of the Lord. For me, when I heard the passing of this minister, I was immediately upset with God. I wanted to know why did he take this beautiful young creature, who made a difference in my life and those around him away. He never reveal to me why, until today. At the funeral there were so many young persons there seeking and finding. Trying to come to terms with the lost of a great man. Then my pastor said to his parents, "God had to do it this way". God call home his servant, so that his peers could be save from this world. He wanted people to know that I want to save my children from the culture norm, which is refer to as Babylon, where they are being sift as wheat. What I got from the funeral and the sermon today was, I'm to gifted, for culture norm. To my peers, it is okay to walk alone, and be different, because when you are different it sets you apart from the rest of the world. He was different, therefore people look up to him. God has a calling on our lives and a assignment. And we may not know what the calling or assignment is, but God will let us know and we must fulfill that assignment. Remember, you are to gifted to compromise for the world. Be who God has called you to be, and if that means being different and walking alone then so be it. Because if I had to do it all over again like my Bishop said, I would choose God.



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