You Gotta Live Life, And You Can't Be Afraid To Live It.

I been thinking a lot lately, really a lot. My whole perspective on life has change, like really change. I'm seeing things in a whole new light. God is making me humble and not really taking anything for granted. How many times have we seen an autumn, a winter, a spring, and summer. But how many times have we actually took in the moment and just admire the beauty of it. There's pain and hurt going in the world, and God is trying to tell us something. He put us in out mothers wombs to be birth for a purpose. We have a purpose. I have a purpose. How many times do we say we love each other, or for that matter hug each other. God wants us to show love all the time. Compassion for each other. God wants us to stop letting people doubt us, or we as people doubting ourselves. He wants us to live life, through him. But out fears, my fears are stopping us. We as people cannot be afraid to live life, and live it to it fullest. We have to let go the pain and hard ache that people have done to us, or we done to ourselves. We have to get right with the Lord, or if you don't believe in God, just get right. We have to stop running from our calling that has been given to us by Him. All that's being said is that, love, live, purpose. Just live life, with no regrets, and fear.

"God is the only that controls everything, and he is the only that can judge us, not man".

Boutzie' ^_^


Kimberellie said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Whenever I can't understand God's ways I always remind myself: he's got it all under control. He knows what he's doing!

Thanks for this post! Sorry for you loss.



Boutzie' said...