Coming through the Fog into the Light. ^_^

Hello, hello peeps and peepiettes, hope everyone had a wondering blessful exciting week, shucks I know I did. ^_^ And if you did not, oh well there's the weekend.

So lets get down to business shall we? lol

God has really been so good to me, to point where I'm in like sitting with my mouth open ready to eat a delicious chocolate fudge brownie caramel whip cream cake. [Oh ymmms]. This morning while I was driving in the car, there was a serious case of Fog, to the point where I could not see on my way to school. As I was reaching the exit that goes to my school I was shock. Literally, this was my morning devotions. As I was coming through the fog there was bright sunny light out of no where. I was like, what in the world, and said to myself, "Okay God I hear and see you". When I reach the school, I called my mother to tell her. I was like "Ma!!!!! guess what" Well you can gather what I told her. God has brought me out my darkness into his glorious light, and now I can see. Gotta love the Lord, he knows what to say and when to say it.

And today is Earth Day People. Right now I'm watching Ellen, and she was showing how person made things from recycle cans. One person made a bra out of cans, another person made a scarf out of old lent in the dryer, and the last made a dress from telephone book pages. Yay!!!!! I love stuff like that.

And if you have been searching online today, you will recognize this picture. I think its cute, can you guess what the name is?

Anyway this pass Tuesday I went to a dinner shingdig, and well Japanese Cuisine was on the menu. Lol there is a funny story behind this dinner outing. It was serious culture class lol. When I was ordering my meal I mistaken the rolls for something else, well you would laugh till you cried if you saw my face. It was too funny. Ah but here are the pictures.

So here are the two menus, the long one and the short classic cutie lol

The Before and after, Sushi was not half bad. lol

So then after we left the restaurant, we just stroll the streets.

Plus it was cold, like cold, but I look gorgeous though.

Parking Garage shot. Love the background. This is going to be a mural in my room.


Remember to continue to do you in Christ, and let God lead the way and bring you out the fog, into his glorious light. He loves you, and well I love you.
God Bless. Everyone have a bless and safe weekend.


- susy - said...

girl you crack me up!! i'm waiting for you to try pad thai~ liking the pictures, keep it up! there's so many cultures with all this wonderful food all over the world that we all need to try!

Boutzie' said...

Lol with the little story. Yes I'm think I'm going to try it, hope it doesn't rain tomorrow. lol And you are right,there is.