Friday Night the Rain Is Falling.

"Let the rain ease your mind, let wind blow your mind,
You hear that, its the rain calling our name, to take away the pain
The sky is gray, my soul is at bay, come and lay, take me to that secret place.
You say what is this, I say release some tension, lets go and play."-Me

[Yeah so it's raining where I live, so I thought I should share my poem, that I was just writing]


Ah in other news, my mom is getting ready to start her ministry of recovery for drug or any additions. I'm so looking forward to seeing what this is going to do in our community. =]

What are you doing in your community?


Remember keep doing you in Christ and pray to God everyday.


Kimberellie said...

Your poem is beautiful. It is profound and well written.

Boutzie' said...

Awww thank you so much. ^_^