I have to agree.

I was reading an article april issue of Nylon magazine with Zoe on the cover. And I was reading interview they did with Gwen Stefani, they happen to ask her something about who she would collaberate with and she said this "musi just isn't in a good place right now". I have to agree, music today is just about a gimmick and a image. Persons are more into putting sounds out that will gain them a few minutes of stardom, rather than producing real non artificial music. Real musicians and singers who produce real music are being push down because they are not gimmicks. In my opinion its no longer called the music industry, it call business. I too would not work with so of performers today myself.


Eden said...

yeah, this article is so right. whatever happened to originality and actual talent? nowadays everyone who can autotune the heck out of their voices can be a "singer". miss the good old days of music!


Boutzie' said...

I been saying this since 2006, what happen to real music. Today everyone's music sounds alike, even the punk rock bands are starting to sound just the same. I too miss the gold old days, where 3 doors down was at its hype and r&b was real.

- susy - said...

It's so true, which is why I don't listen to the radio much (with the exception of when i'm at work because I can't stream music on my work computer, the IT guy gets really mad at me). Mainstream music is all the same: money, hoes, drugs, booze, sex etc. *shrugs* Rhianna is going on tour with KE$HA. Seriously!? Worst career move since Chris Brown but that's another story. I mean i'm not saying Rhianna is really an influential artist or anything like that, but look at that. ke$ha is SHIT and then Rhianna!? CMON.

Boutzie' said...

When was the last time I actually listen to the radio? wow it been that long. Other than the oldie but goodies stations and rock stations nothing else.

I understand when I was working, I had to sneak on my computer to listen to stuff.

But yes, Rihanna isnt worth listening to anymore. Like seriously, she trying to be all hard, but like you said that a whole different story.

Basically they are nothing but gimmicks, like what a waste of actually recording contract.