Hello peeps and peepiettes [oh well it was spelled the way I just said it] lol
Anyway just doing some early blogging in the day, since class was over at early ten in the morning. I tell you since I started college this year, I mean like last semester, I have not party at all. I find it so funny because all of my peers have been to clubs before me and I was legal last year to go lol. Yes I'm a early birthday girl. But anyway back to subject that's on the platter. I love college, but geez the semester is so boring. It feels like to me, I work harder last semester, than I'm doing this semester. Its to the point where all I want to do is focus on my career and my arts. I guess you can I'm just not that into you college. But yeah back to platter, why do professors wait till the end of the semester to give bookoos of work and test, and then you are stuck trying to manage everything lol. Well when I was in high school I would have this screw you attitude and not do all the work only a enough just to get by. Really to be honest, I don't see the point in going to school when you can learn all this stuff on your own. Hence why I read all the time, I know more about the roman empire than any teacher lol okay let me stop being so darn cocky, lol. Back to the meal, but seriously ugh school is taking up so much of my time, literally I don't time to pee or sleep, okay maybe time to pee, but no sleep. All this work I have to do, is putting a dapper on my plans, ugh can't wait till the summer, but wait I'm taking a summer class too, well it kinda contradicting what I just said. Well hey don't judge I'm trying to transfer, so I guess all this work is helping me rich my goal.

So remember I said you can only see my photo shoot pictures that I directed and took on my facebook page, well I have shut down my page due to well I just get sick of facebook personally I feel that he should have kept for college students and adults and not for high school or middle school people and all the unnecessary cramp. But any way here is my favorite shot, and the model I chose was my dear friend for thirteen years, well now you can say 15 years. So what do you think about my work, feel to give ya opinions baby. lol

Ah well this is oldie shot from like back in Feb, haha we was having a photo shoot and well I guess you can say this was our blooper moment. lol

So yeah, idk this was a shot from like last week, or maybe the week I brought this dress from American Apparel,oh yes I shop there. If you ever meet me in person you will find out that I like to wear wild all black and white attire. Get with it or well run away. For some reason I love the way I edited this picture. Beautiful. Plus don't mind my junkie comestic clothing dresser, I'm in the process of fixing up my art studio and well my room is suffering lol. My mom jokes and say my room is our my home is going to look, well she is wrong because it will never look like that lol

So yeah this just me rambling about everything,but the truth of the matter is that being a college student is hard, well maybe an undergrad student is. But in the end it will pay off when I'm accepting my PHD in whatever studies.

Love yall'


P.S The outfit I'm wearing is a Jean jacket, black long maxi dress and nine west sandals.

Sitting in the grass is good, just don't sit to long or well you can get a rusty booty.

Remember be you in christ, live to the fullest.


glitteryeyesxx said...

You look so cute in your sunglasses. Haha, gotta love the bloopers! Just hang in there with school, hun. I know EXACTLY how you feel. I just graduated last summer and it feels as if nothing they taught me in school is of ACTUAL USE in the real world. It's all based on a textbook curriculum. But hang in there, because unfortunately you need that paper degree to get anywhere, in this type of bad economy. What are you studying btw?

Boutzie' said...

Awwww thank you. ^_^. Yes I'm famous for bloppers. I know its not like the 70's where you dont have to have one but you do now. Like undergraduate is pointless I cannot wait to get to graduate studies. My Major is Theatre Arts, and whatever minor I feel more to do.

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

good luck with your finals! xoxo

Boutzie' said...

Thank you, my finals are not till the end of may. =p, but thanks hunns.