Oh Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel ^_^

Oh man I think my blog is turning into something else lol I mean its started out being one thing, now it's turning into a journey through my daily life and what I plan on doing. I find it very amusing now, how I'm just writing what I'm actually thinking. Oh well that's the joy of blogging right? Sharing a piece of yourself with the world,so I guess something good is coming out of it. ^_^

So yeah I'm blogging the car, hahah gotta love the broadband. Well anyway, today my mom made me go with her to the salon, which I really didn't want to because after this week in classes, my body is TIRED!!!!!!. So I guess you know I took my laptop with me and was suffering the web. I came upon this site called, which is where you can sell items for cash lol. So look for that link in the next month. So anyway we letf the salon,and went to safeway. Omgosh I think I have been at walmart for to long, the prices that are in the grocery's stores are out there. Buy here the donuts were on sale for 59 cents. Woots. lol

So as I was standing in the line waiting to check out I was reading the articles on the 15 year old Irish girl who committed suicide because of bullying, and this is what I have to say on this subject matter, those students should be charge, and suffer just like she did. They were so cruel because they were jealous of how beautiful and sweet she was. Bullying is cruel, but harassing and tormenting a person is plain wicked. I know exactly how she felt, I too was humiliated and tormented throughout my whole life. Person do not know what comes out your month can too affect how a person feels about life. So yeah they need to be charge, and maybe this will be a lesson for them.
Here's a article in more detail on the situation:

I believe Phoebe was an missing angel from heaven and God called her home where she can be free and be her. She can now walk around in golden place of paradise, and smile all the time.

We all have to take in to count how we can be mean to each other, we as people need to work on that.



Remember keep being you in Christ, and pray everyday all day. He loves you unconditionally.


Kimberellie said...

Good post. It is crazy how people can be so cruel. I just don't understand it. That is so sad what happened.


- susy - said...

Children are so cruel to one another these days but I believe it's monkey see monkey do. Mankind needs to learn how to exist in peace, we're all teaching our younger generations hate rather than love. Saddest thing ever.

I read the story about that poor girl. It's so sad and I offer nothing but condolences to her family.

Boutzie' said...

Thank you both.

Officials in school need to take notice, they did not do with Columbine, so now they need to enforce strong rules.

Teenagers today can be so cruel especially the females.

Its really sad how younger people out killing each other, not just physically but mentally and verbally.