Photo Shoot AWESOME!!!!

If you want to view the shots from the photoshoot, scroll down and add me on facebook. Due to certain rules and privacy matter, I'm not going to upload them here. Add me on facebook.

kk thanks




glitteryeyesxx said...

Aww, I want to see 'em!! I bet you look GORGEOUS :)

Lol, yeeeea...about that. I don't post that often anymore. I don't know why? I feel like I have nothing interesting to say really. And I just found out recently that someone is stalking me. Lol, that kinda creeps me out. How are you doing, missy? The weather has been so gorg lately!! But the amount of pollen in the air is RIDICULOUS! Hope your allergies are under control :)

Boutzie' said...

Lol This was a shoot I directed, so I'm sike that shots came out sickie awesome.

I get like that two, I just post something once and then wait for like a couple of weeks to post something. But since I was on semester break, I took and weather and wrote. lol

I really dont get sick, until the summer, but hopefully I wont, since you can recall my sickly days back in feb. lol

And really? stalking over mmmmm....pretty sick tickets. Ugh thats sad.
But I hope you post more, over the summer break, you will have loads to talk about.