Quite!!!!!!! Sleeping like a Church Mouse.

"I could use about forty winks" Coward Lion from the Wizard of Oz.

OMGOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!! my body has finally crash, literally. I have been on the go since school started last year, and to be honest my body has finally crash. I'm fatigue to the point where I spent my weekend in the bed. I couldn't even drive to church on Sunday because I was so tired I could barely see.

I know you guys are wondering, well since she is tired, why in the hecko's is she blogging. Lol funny you shall ask. Well I was so tired today that I zap off on the gas attendant for jipping me out of my money. Yes, I paid for gas,and got no gas. Ugh!!!!!! But anyway the real reason I'm blogging on this fine evening rush hour traffic night;, well here we go:


Yeah I'm tired to tired to function machinery lol

Wait I'm using a laptop.

Oh well, sorry guys nothing to blog about except the fact that I'm tired, lol

Stay tune for a really good blog later on.

Time to catch some zzzzz.zzzzzzz......zz.z.z.....zzzzz


Remember continue to do you in Christ.

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