Resurrection Sunday!!!!!! Better Known as Easter Sunday ^_^

Yay!!!!! I made it through my fasting from bread and sweets. Well to be honest, I don't miss them. I have decided to only eat sweets on sundays, not a lot, just one thing. I have learn so much during this lenting season. I have not begin to realize who I'am and what I want to do. Last weeek I was called a "Dirty Bohemian" because I like the arts. But you know what after hearing the sermon in church today, I can say this I'M A DIRTY BOHEMIAN IN CHRIST. lol The sermon title today was this "Was It Worth?". Listening to that word, made me think. After all the stuff I been through in my life, the humiliation, the torture, teh abuse , and everything else, it was all worth it. And now I'm walking in what I been wanting to do for a long time. I'm really coming into my own skin. ^_^

Then also today I recieve an unexpected call from my father. I have waited almost 20 years to hear my father say I love you. And today he did out of now where. We never have had a good relationship, but for some reason he finally said those words I have been waiting to hear for a long time, adn well now I have peace with everything and him.

I tell you when you open your eyes and forgive those, and believe that everything will be alright, thats when God steps in. Now I'm on the move. ^_^


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