So today is Tuesday, and it all rainy outside. Spring break is over and that means no blogging everyday like I did last week.

But I have some useful inspirational words today, well this evening.

Okay so of lately I have been forming ideas to write my book and one the ideas that came about was giving forgiveness to those who have hurt you in the past. I know many of us really don't want to give forgiveness to those that have betrayed out trust and love in them. The question that has been raised by most of us, why should we forgive them? And what's the point?

Well over my spring break I was trying to understand how we think like that. I have come to conclusion that we are afraid to open those wounds again, because we were so hurt, that we have grown hatred towards them.

Well for me I'm learning to forgive them, but never forget. God forgives us all the time and in return he expects for us to do the same. I understand now that if we don't forgive our sisters and brothers, how can God forgive us for the sinful and hateful things we do.

People we have to forgive our enemies and the ones that hurt us the most. God doesn't want us to have hatred in our hearts, he want us to have love in out hearts.

Forgiving is the first step in the healing process.



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