Starting a Band this summer? Random thoughts and what not. ^_^

Since I choose not to work this summer, and just decided to do me, well I have been thinking about starting my own band for quite sometime now. I actually been thinking about since last year when I started my first semester as college student. But the question is, where do I start? lol. I still have a month to decided what I want to call it, and what the sound should be like. For those who might ask, can I sing? Well as of matter of fact,I can. There have only been a couple of people who actually seen what my voice can do. ^_^. To be honest, I feel like God is moving me to a new level and I'm going for it. No more being shy and afraid of what people may think. Going to push it full throttle.

Plus I'm also in the process of writing my book over the summer. I have a lot to share, but this book is going to be about my life up to this point.

Ah!!!! just a side note, This is what wore today, and I went to shop at American Apparel, and got two items that I like. I know I'm make stuff, but I really wanted to have these two items. If you want to what they look like either go to my fan page or add me on facebook. ^_^

Since I make hand made mask and clothes, I just hustle up a $142 dollars lol I know that my slang when I talk like that lol

This is who I'am, the Artistic God Fearing young lady. I'm stepping out my box guys, if you want to come with me, lets not be afraid of the future lets embrace it with a brave and happy heart.

Or better yet, face the furtue with a brave and happy heart.


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