Freshman Year of College Over, and GRADDAi. ^_^

Yay!!!!!!!!!! Me!!!!!!!!! I got a 3.0 GPA for my first year of college. Can I say woots!!!!!. God has really came and bless me so much, that it was unexpected. I mean all I can do is thank him because I really thought I wouldn't do good for my first year of college. I had really bad insecurities about my ability to do well in college, seeing as that I thought I would not be in college, but God made a way for me to be in college and reach so many opportunities. Trusting in God that he will see me through and guide me through, I have learn to just expect the unexpected. You should try it. ^_^

But in other artistic creative fun loving news: I have been listening to this local band from my state. They are somewhat a cross between rock, r&b and hip-hop. They are simply power soul. They are really really talented and if you live on the east coast then come check them out, but if don't then listen to some of their tracks.
Here is the link to there Facebook page Check them out if you have time, but if not then here is two of their songs:

"Smoke and Mirrors":

"Get It":


Life Will Not Break You

This journey called life will, is filled
with heartache and pain,
Filled with obstacles that prove to be challenging.
It tries to break us down
take out breaths, our joy
our peace.
It brings us to our darkest point.

Then we get back up, fighting,
scratching and clawing our way
back to the top,

Screaming HELL NO!!!!!

Hell no, this journey called life will
not kill us,

This journey called life will not break us.

Poem by: Boutzie'

Be Bless guys, and have a safe fun joyful weekend.




Ria said...

Love the poem!
Have a great day!!

Boutzie' said...