Yess, I said it, after hearing a sermon on weds that help see a lot things, I'm not bowing down to the enemy, so basically I have been cutting some people out of my life, and after this weekend, well they will no longer have my cell, FB, or twitter, shucks man including my house number.

But anyhoooossss I made another dress ^_^ which I'm wearing out to explore the city tomorrow.

[Email bree.bpeace.ariel for this dress, they are selling for $30 dollars.]

These are the new Aldo Aviator shades I brought for like $12.72. My black ones are in the hospital at the moment, going through reconstructive surgery.

So I was beyond tick off yesterday, so I went to this new Beauty Supply store around my way, and I spotted this, AH!!!!!!!! LOVE THE COLOR ON MY NAILS. They only cost like $1.47 each. Wet and Seal Babes.

And this the bin I keep them in. Cute Huh?

This is the makeup for tomorrow, ^_^. You can find these items at you local drug store or beauty supply store.

Was in Walmart on yesterday, so I decided to start reusing creme eyeshadow. I use to wear it all the time, but for some reason kinda stop but I found out that its not so heavy. This only cost $4.28 Revlon.

So yeah this is what I was up, just been do a lot of thinking, just really sick and tired of the people in my space. And I realize that when I start hanging with this one person again, my life seems so freaking depressing, so It means that I need to cut them out my lives for ever. That's how I feel, gotta find out who I am and to be honest, some people are like flesh eating viruses that's over stay their welcome.

Oh well stay tune to the next blog, more makeup and personal stories to share. Now I know what my blog is going to be about now. Also someone who is following will be getting a goodies surprise in June, the selector will announce the first week in June.

Till later, Smooches Hunny Bunnies.

Let God lead you.

Boutzie' ^_^

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Ria said...

Just saw the dress!You said made it?Ooooh I need a tutorial on this!Pretty please? :)