Mini Relaxtion Vacation.

Ah!!!!! yess little sugar babies, I was on break for this whole week. I needed some time to think and really reflect on some things, or a lot of things.

I was spending time away from the city [yess I'm a city girl born and raised] in the middle of no where. Lol okay it was the boonies, but at least it had a target near by. I spent this whole week away from the cyber world and that includes my phone. To be honest it felt great to be away, to not be connected twenty four seven. Sometimes we as people need to take sometime off to regather ourselves. And that's what I did this week. I had to, and it felt great.

Oh yeah this my video blog thingy. Lol check it out. Its only an update of what I just stated above, but hey I got some beauty tips.

SURPRISE GIVEAWAY COMING IN JUNE!!!!!!!!! [too cute huh?]
Yess hunnie bunnie bunns I will selecting a person who is following my blog or I'm following their blog, to be a giveaway surprisee of a basket of goodies. Cannot tell what it will be, but be on the look out for it in June for all the regulations. I will start doing giveaway contests sometime in early July.

Plus, I will be selling my hand-made mask and clothing on [just type in google] and more information on that will posted.

Also I get like a ton of offers from Sephora, [coupons and etc] and I will posting them on here as well for you makeup lovers. =]

Yess babies The Chic is back and better than before, people need to watch out, because now I'm no taking any prisoners.

^_^ Smooches and Hugss


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