Blessings Are Happening Around Us. All you have do is listen and see. ^_^

Today was an awesome and joyous day today. Remember what I said in my last post, to just expect the unexpected, will guess hunnies it happen again. Today I was planning on doing one thing, and well God has something better in stored for me. Today I went to his restaurant and enjoy and wonderful time with The Pearls of Wisdom [one of many of my churches ministries.]. Being around the elders [women] just fills my little heart with warmth and joy. Many people often [young people] don't show respect for their elders. Will for me I was brought up the right way. I was taught even when they are wrong to respect them because it goes a long way. But anyway back to meal that's on the platter. I was bless again twice this week. The other one I will share in the coming weeks. But today I was bless with a meal. Just when I was home thinking, "Man I'm hungry what am I going to eat?" Well God came through and fed my little belly. lol And well here is what I ate:
First I ate the oriental salad [it was authentic], it was so darn good that I got more of the chicken lol. I mean come on sweeten chicken, you cannot pass that up? I was like a fat kid in a candy store. [I apologize to anyone who has a kid or who is overweight.]
The second meal I ate is self explanatory. The sushi was on point, I mean so good that I had to get:
Sushi and fruit, and man did I eat that whole dish. Yummies.
Oh and this is one of many desserts, to many pictures to upload to this post. Hahaha and a special thanks to theSuyness for helping me out with the dishes. [No octopus, they ain't fresh lol]

It was one of many birthdays today, so one in particular was sweet. The lady in this picture is someone I love dearly, she is one of the mother's of the church, who I respect dearly. Well today was here birthday, and let me say she is pushing ninety and still drives and wear heels. This is what I call a wisdom filled lady, she is always helping me and showing me love. But her birthday dish was a rose that open up and lit up with fire. It was too cute because it was playing music. ^_^ Sweet.

Expecting the unexpected has been opening my eyes to a lot of blessings that God has for me. I know I'm not worthy at time or most of the time, but God has his hand on me, and to be honest I love it. I don't care if my peers think I'm weird for worshiping a God that most claim to be unreal. To me he is real. And if it wasn't for him, then I would still be in my dark place sinking deeper and deeper into sin. Not knowing how to get out. God has bless me twice this week, and well my life has started, I'm walking in who I am, and loving every minute of it. Finding who I am in Christ is helping deal with my demons and issues, that are getting better ever day. Protecting my mind and shielding, and controlling who and what comes into my space, and paying off. God has his hand on me, and I will be forever chasing after him, the only man I will ever chase. I love you God, thank you for everything. ^_^

"I will go from faith to faith and glory to glory, I will always want more of you Jesus.....I will forever be chasing after you."-The Morning Song.

Remember peeps, stay bless and stay focus on God, and continue regulate the atmosphere in your life. Continue to expect the unexpected.

Huggs and Kisses ^_^



Fashion Rehab said...

I don't blame you for going for extras, I would do da same. They look so goog :)

Boutzie' said...

Haha I had to, it was amazzing!!!!!