First Suprise Giveaway and then some.^_^

Ah!!!! hello hunnies, hope your Monday was a good one. Finally today it was good weather, not scorching hot like last week. If you live on the east coast like I do, then you know what I mean. ^_^ But any ways lovies [yes I spelled like I just said it] this pass weekend has brought a lot to think about. After attending church on Sunday I have made up my mind to Regulate the atmosphere in my life. Meaning people, I'm officially walking alone now. I have realized that the people who been in my life, were just a hindrance to what God is trying to do in my life. They are constantly filled with negativity, and to be honest I really don't need that in my life. In the last few weeks I realized that the people I have allowed in my space were toxic. I could actually feel it on me. To be more specific, their spirit wasn't right towards me. See they were just irrelevant to my life, not of my caliber. I wasn't trash they were, I'm going places, they are not. See God gives us ample time to remove people, habits and things from out lives. We have three options: Take the call, take the message, and return the call. Ignoring all of these results in God taking a formative action. So this is what I have to say, screw you old friends, associates, and acquaintances. Your materialistic mind can never be anything close to my mind. Keep checking on me, and reading my every move. Truth be told, my phone was never turn off, truth be told, I really thought you were wrong in treating your family like crap, truth be told, I didn't want to be seen in public with you,truth be told, you don't matter, your irrelevant to everything. Quick question, what impact have you made on someone, what are you going to be remember for?

So people let God eliminate people, habits, and things out of your life, because in the end its for the best. God has something greater for you, for all of us. And he cannot take us that greatness if we still want to hold onto negative insecure envious jealous drama filled people.

No weapon form against you shall prosper.

God has a in your face blessing for your enemies. ^_^
He's going to make you look awesome and beautiful in their eyes.
Keep on believing and walking in who you are. Let go and let God.



Can we say yay!!!! After waiting for packages to arrive at my door step, well here they are. =D

The Giveaway includes"

1.Free Handmade Mask by yours truly me. ^_^
2. Avon Solutions Cleanse Total Radiance Facial Wash
3. Mark: Go With Grain Exfoliating Beads
4. L.A. Eyeshadow Palette
5.Elf Blending Brush
6. Sally Hansen Line Smoothing Mineral Lip Treatment Gloss

This is my first giveaway to one of my followers on my blog. I still haven't decided who to surprise with it, I have two people in mind. But this is one of many suga babies.

"Give, Give, Give. Learn this lesson and you will become a great power to do mighty things."

This quote inspire me to give. I have always been a selfish person, but now I'm giving to people, and giving back . And it feels so good. ^_^

Well hunnies stay tuned this week on another post, new videos will be uploaded sometime in July, just to busy to do it. ^_^

Remember: Thinking positive in a negative situation.

Stay bless




Eden said...

great giveaway beautiful! i hope youre doing fine, thank you so much for the ever inspiring things to remember, i missed your blog!


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