Give Me That Update!!!!!!!! ^_^

Hey hunnies ^_^

Well here's the update:

I'm currently busy at the moment will school and family life, so blogging is becoming on stand still at the moment. I know you guys look forward to reading post everyday, but I'm just in the "Busy, give me a treat mood". Lol I know that made no sense at all. But here are a few things to look out for.

1. New Twitter: @standinginfaith
2. New blog sale
3.More Giveaways

That's about it. ^_^

Stay Bless, and remember, you are one step away from reaching for what God has for you.

Smooches!!!!!!! Luv Ya!!!!




libys11 said...

oh wow.. looks like you've been busy!!! nice that you're doing a lot things! :D

Animated Confessions

Boutzie' said...

Hahaha thats just half the story, I'm busy to the max.


Fashion Cents said...

hey thanks for your comment! No, there's not cost for the camera, but I believe it will be about $5 for shipping if you're willing to pay that. I'm going to end the givaway on monday, at which time if there's more than one person who wants it, I'll randomly draw for the winner. So far, you're the only one interested. If you're chosen, it would be great if you could send me either a check/money order for $5 or pay using Pay Pal. Thanks!!

Fashion Cents said...

hello again. Today, the camera givaway ended, and you're the winner! please email me at with your name and address so that we can calculate shipping. Thanks for your interest!

Fashion Cents said...

Are you not interested in the camera anymore?

Fashion Cents said...

Thats alright, I'm sure someone will want the camera. You seem upset though. Is everything okay??