God Believe's in You.

Bless is assurance Jesus is mine. ^_^ Hello beauties and beautettes. So much has happen this pass weekend, that I'm truly bless right now. I mean I'm bless beyond words right now, that I'm dancing literally in my shoes and my chair. Woots!!!!. Yesterday my pastor preach a sermon entitled "I believe in you". Many of us often feel down because we feel like no one believes in or supports us. I too felt that way all my life. I had a father who abuse me mentally, emotionally and psychologically to the point where I didn't not want to branch out and explore the gifts God have bestow upon me. Now that I'm 19 and moving on from my life, I know now that I have the right people behind me supporting and believing in me. It has taken me a long time to know that one who form me in my mother's womb supported, cared and believe in me way before I was born. To know that God believes in me, to know that he saw the best in me when the people around me saw the worst in me, I know that he will never leave or forsake me. God has truly bless me, and guided me through my darkest and lowest points of life. I love God and truly thank him for blessing me with the mother and church family, and extended family who will support and believe in me no matter what. Thank you God for everything. ^_^
So in expecting the unexpected from God, guess what? I GOT INTO HOOD COLLEGE. WOOTS!!!!!!!!. Correction I have been admitted into Hood College. To God be the glory, because I never thought I would be here at all. I have testimony to share: See 4 years ago I didn't have a high school to go to. It was pushing September and I was still with out a high school. Then God came in and showed up. I was bless to have graduated on time in three years. Then last summer I was so depress because I had to no college to attend to. I thought I was going to be in New York for school [after visiting and liking the city] and well if didn't happen that way. I was so sad that I was just content with working and not going to school all together. I even told my pastor that I give up because it seem like I was never going to get a break. Well God use my pastor to suggest going to community college. I was like "Are you for real? But in the end I did. Now babies look at me 3.0 GPA and admitted into Hood College as transfer student for the class of 13'. All I can say is that just when we feel like giving up, God comes through and breaks chains and opens doors that man thought they could closed. Well I'm bless right now. People never give up on God because he never gives up on us. Trust and believe in him, and he will bless you beyond words and imagination. Turning you dreams into most defiant reality. God is planting seeds now for my future. Just let God be God and let him do all the work in fighting you battles. God is going to do a in your face to blessing to your enemies. Just watch, if he did it for me, then I know he will do for you. ^_^
In being who I'm coming into with the help of the lord, I finally realize, that hey I'm weird in a cool way and I like it. I'm at the point in my life where I do not care if people don't like me for me. To me its like this: I tried to fit in with the in crowd because I wanted to belong and wanted to be accepted. But now I'm just like whateva!!!!!!!! God doesn't care if you were the homecoming kind or queen or court. He really doesn't care if you were big man on campus. The only thing he cares about is that you do his work for greater good of the kingdom and for all his people and children. If you see a person in all black with piercings up the ying yang, don't mug [like I use to do] try and be friend them because you may just be the light they need to see. This is me, Briana. I do weird makeup, I'm ecliptic who believes in the most high God. Realizing this, I'm walking into who God created me to be. ^_^

As special request for theSusyness, I finally found my picture that I took of my minx nails. Now if you want them you can buy the starter kit online or just go on sephora's and buy them. These I got right here were done at my local nail salon [now you can find them at yours or try the starter kit]. I wanted to try them after hunting down my eyebrow specialist who now owns here own shop. She is very friendly, but a good business women. And did I tell its christian operated. Ah!!!!! they even have a massage therapy too. Woots!!!!. Oops side track, but anyway the ones I got was sliver with black designs. The price was $50 [in American dollars]. I know prices varies at my salon, but it was investment. And if you like to be out there with nails then try them. ^_^

Now these I did on my own. I went on t dollar store haul ^_^. And well I came across some maybellene nail glitter polish and just had to get it. So I used french tips and painted my nails with a clear simple coat. Then used a white nail polish for the tips and then glided the glitter nail polish all over the nail. I still haven't name it, but angel in the sky is what I like at the moment.
To top off my amazing weekend, my baby brother [he is older than me] got me some Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Check out the peace sign on the side. ^_^

In knowing that God believes in you and me, well all of us for that matter, we can trust in him for everything. I know he is watching over me and you. Being in a life long relationship with God is the best. I'm young but I want to be a blessing to someone else who needs him.

Speak the word to someone, go to church [baptist ^_^ one] and let the word fill you up like a stuff turkey on thanksgiving day.

Let go and let God.

Continue to expect the unexpected, and let God lead and guide you.

Huggs ^_^

Boutzie' Stay bless.


lipstick cherry said...

hey hun, i'm having a makeup sale on my blog so please feel free to check it out! thanks =)

joninel said...

love the nail art :)

Emmelie ♥ said...

To tell the truth I never been the one to go to church too often even if we are blessed with the most gorgeous church here. I should go more often. The most beautiful thing is when you go in here, you see all the beauty and hear the church choir ♥

The nails are also really gorgeous! I think they fit you well ♥

Boutzie' said...

@Joninel: thank you =]

@Emmelie: You should really go more often, its beautiful when you hear and see all the beauty. Plus you week will go right if you do go, just try it. Also then you will feel God's presence with you. ^_^

And thank you on the nails, they do =D

MelissAnne said...

congratulations! Nothing is impossible with god =)He is sure amazing !!

Boutzie' said...

^_^ Woots!!!!!

edk.dolce said...

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Boutzie' said...

Oh sweetie thanks so much. By the way I follow your blog just because not because of that. ^_^

Krimly said...

lovely nails!


Boutzie' said...

Thank you. ^_^

The funny thing I just do my nails when I'm bored, I find that's when I'm most creative.