30 Day Charge

Hey you guys, I'm back for now, I just been so busy with a lot things in my life. I'm not going to share what, but I will tell you this. I was recently baptised again last week. I redicated my life to Jesus Christ. I know the meaning now as to why you are supposed to get baptised, and will I did, and I feel more close and committed to God.

But I'm leaving soon for school and won't have time to blog, so I decided to give this 30 charge a try. I'm all about listening to God, and will he said give it try. So here we go......

Day 01- A recent picture of you and 10 interesting facts about yourself.

1.I have been re baptised and redicated myself to Jesus and God.
2. I'm a PK kid (preacher kid)
3. I have given up swearing and cursing for good.
4. I have tendency to over eat because it tastes good.
5. I just made one baby bootie.
6.I'm Hood College class of 13'
7. I have four brothers.
9. I have the love and support of my Bishop and church family.
10. I no longer let people walk over me, I stand up for myself now.


- susy - said...

you made one baby bootie? is that a baby shoe sock thingy? good for you to give up cursing! i am sorry i cannot give that up, i am very bad about it :(

Boutzie' said...

Hahaha yes over the weekend I did, it was hard, but I stuck with it lol. Yeah it is, well I made one. ^_^

I had to, it was becoming to much for me. I started feeling really dirty to say lol.

I'm pretty sure you can try for one whole week, believe me, you will loved it. =D