Day 29-30 of Challenge.Tis Over ^_^

Day 29- In this past month, what have you learned.

In this past month I learn a lot of things, well this pass summer to
be exact. For as long as I can remember I was ashamed to be a christian,
ashamed to be a Preacher Kid, and really up and down with my emotions.
I never knew that I had so much power and confidence inside of me.
My mother name me Briana, [mean Lioness of God], and I learn that lions
are fearless, brave and fighters. God bless me with that name, because he knew
me before I was birth in my mother's womb. I learn to not be ashamed of who God
call me to be, and embrace it. No longer letting the past get me down, because for that reason
it's the past. I'm walking in my purpose and leaving the nest. Briana is moving forward in
God call on her life, and well I'm better today, but I will be even better in my future.
[Picture of Goodies thesusyness. ^_^]

Day 30- A picture of you today & 20 goals you want to accomplish
1. Being Committed to God.
2.Best Buddies Program.
3.Getting A 4.0 GPA.
4.Workout More.
5.Journal More.
6.Get A Car.
7.Do Vlogs.
8.Joining the wedding ministry at my church.
9. Supporting my mom in school.
10.Tacklilng my over eating habit.
11.Design More.
12.Sew More.
13.Do more giveaways.
14.Visit the National Art Gallery in D.C.
15.Pratice my writing more.
16.By new pairs of heels. tehe
17.Building a stronger prayer life with God.
18.Jump in a pool with clothes on.
19. Join the christian club at my school.

See you guys in September. ^_^
Be Bless.

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- susy - said...

study hard for that 4.0 gpa girl! but don't forget to play hard too ;]
look at all them goodies, WOOOHOoOO