The Birth of a New Creature In God.

I have been gone for quite some while now. It feels like I have taken a break from blogging or simply just have had to much going on in my life in last couple of weeks. You know life can throw you curve balls, and sometime you can just miss the chance to scored a ball out of the park. But isn't that the joy of it? Missing the chance to hit something that you may not need to hit? For me God is doing just that. I feel like often I'm distance from the world that around me. I find myself either praying more and asking God to heal, set free and give me what he wants for me to have. At one point in time I would have found that to be something of a obstacle, but now I find it to be a challenge in seeking and knowing him for my life.
In these last few weeks God is just doing some amazing things in my life. It not just the tangible but the intangibles as well. Most in this world would not agree, but for me and my house we do. I sense that he shifting more items into my life, and the rest of it out of my life. I would have use to feel bad, but right for this season and time in my life, I don't.
As people we are often taking for granted the things God gives us. For starters, blessing us with breath of life, and seeing yet another beautiful day. In the daily hustle and bustle of lives, we don't stop and think God for all that he done. Well for me I do, because obedience is better than any sacrifice.

So my followers or reader, ask yourself this, are you living as a new creature in life, or are simply floating through time with out seeking God?

Food For Thought.

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