Photo Challenge- ^_^

Now this is my kind of challenge. I'm getting to the point where I'm tired of writing out blogs now. I mean you guys get the point of my Blog title right? Well I been feeling lately that it time to start photo blogging for this blog, or well basically all of my blogs. So thanks to the Susy, I will be doing that for the next thirty days to see how it goes, and well if people like it, [if they don't I'm still going to do it] then it stays.
So lets paste the challenge shall we.

Day 1: Self portrait – share basics/make an intro.

Day 2: Someone you adore – 5 reasons why

Day 3: Something you bought today

Day 4: A representation of your day – what do you do?

Day 5: What’s in your bag? Or something you can’t leave the house without

Day 6: Your humble abode

Day 7: Something you ate today

Day 8: Something you dislike

Day 9: A place you went today

Day 10: TV show you’re currently addicted to

Day 11: Your family pet(s) – if you don’t have one, take a picture of anything

Day 12: What’s in your fridge

Day 13: The town/city you reside

Day 14: Something you craved today

Day 15: A stranger and why you chose them

Day 16: Your closet

Day 17: A representation of the you no one really knows

Day 18: Something you collect

Day 19: Favorite part of yourself and why

Day 20: A hobby you have

Day 21: Your parents

Day 22: Your room as it is right now

Day 23: Go some where you’ve never been & take a picture

Day 24: Something you find funny

Day 25: Self portrait myspace-esque

Day 26: Where you go to relax/get away

Day 27: Something that gives you purpose

Day 28: A before & after shot of anything

Day 29: An action shot

Day 30: Another self portrait

Day 31: Something that always makes you smile

Day One:
Self Portrait.


I was feeling kinda "IDK" this week, God was speaking and showing me some things since I been away at school. For those of you that don't know, I transfer to Hood College, [not in the hood people lol]. I been realizing that you have to be careful of the people and things . Don't get suck up into that college life, and will I been fighting not too, but apparently I had people in my space that could be the down fall of that value I had. Anyway I was sitting in my room, and I was tickering around with the web on my netbook mini [it black muah!!!!]. I'm getting use to using any kind of camera as way of snapping those moments, because I believe that pictures tell more stories than words, and well what does this picture tell you?

You know what it tells me, coming from behind the scenes into the front.
"God started something in me, and he is going to finish!"

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