The Cool Kids 88

Since college started I been hanging with this particular person, and well lets say he has been bringing me update to. I'm learning to not be so negative towards new things, well music. I'm not really a hip-hop or rap fan at the moment because I feel that its dying due to people like Nicki and Soul Ja Boy (however you spell their names). Anyway, this person did a presentation for out CMA class, and his topic was Hip-Hop, well lets say, this group has old school beat, and I like me some old school hip-hop.

But anyway, finally home for winter break. Five weeks eh that quick for real, but hey I'm just happy to be home. Will be working out and fixing my face. The food and stress at school has take a toil on my body. Ugh!!!!!!!!!
Also in the process of getting rid of my crackberry. Eh I like it in the beginning but now its old in my opinion to saving to get my new cellie baby. Besides this doesn't help in class when I'm texting and emailing. I know bad Bri' Bad Bri'. But hey classes this semester were blowing me for real. (gotta stop using that slang so un-becoming right?) Well so far I have pass two of classes, now just waiting on the others. This semester was tough one, from losing my dad, to dealing with personal issues (denial) and other tactics. Next semester will be different. I have to be me, and stop rebelling against the real me. I know sounds crazy, but I have been rebelling against myself, because I fear rejection. Hence why this break will be about me, taking care of me.

First thing first, will be going to back to straight hair. 
Natural was okay, but I WANT this cut, and my hair 
dye blonde. 
Don't worry, it will tastefully done. 

"There is a difference between knowing when to cut of people, then feeling the need to stay connected with them"

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