Finding Yourself.

I hate the saying that life is not about finding yourself, its about creating yourself. The heck is that supposed to mean?

I have been asking myself that for the longest time, and well kitties, Boutzie is back, and this time, I'm really going to take you on journey. There has been so much going on that I dont even know where to begin. I was at the moment on tumblr and wordpress, but I miss blogger to much. I felt safe here like I could post what I actually wanted to say, without being watch. (Added the thing where people can see what you post tumblr and wordpress).

.....Life has been taking an interesting turn of late for me, and well I think it time to get back to writing again, shall we begin? Stay tune

Oh and for fun and giggles I made this video three weeks ago, out of boredom. Enjoy!

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