Goodbye 2010.

This picture is from the beginning of this year,
And this from the end of the year....

This year was tough and hard, but regardless I made it through.....

Ready for 2011, because that is the year and many after that for blessing and the real me to really show.

Goodbye past, hello present and future.



TheDreamer xoxo said...

thanks for the sweet comment hun, I'm glad it made you feel better :) Your blog is cute, I'm going to follow, you're welcome to follow mine :)

This year was hard and tough on my also, I had a huge heartbreak that I am still going through, but I know God has a better plan for me :)

Just know everything happens for a reason, it's ok to cry sometimes - it's good for the soul <3

at the end, we will be with who we belong with and where we belong.

prettygirltita19 said...

happy new year! good luck girly =]

Yanou said...

thanks for following me!
Happy New Year already ;- )


Gabrielle Lauren said...

Happy new year (: