Instead of saving face, saved butt.

As of lately I have come to the conclusion that I do not know myself, and hey that's cool, but for some strange reason, the people that I have in my space I'm getting the feeling that they will toss me to the side. Okay not all of them, but the select few that I have on my mind right now. Its funny because I have been in this position before (high school) and I have learn to saved my butt then my face. As I'm going through the process of finding and establishing myself, I'm really realizing that after this semester of, spring is a changing. We have to realized that certain people are bad company, and the place that I am at, well good company is hard to find.

Necklace- Forever 21
Leather Jacket-Liz Wear
Shirt-American Apparel

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glitteryeyesxx said...

Don't even waste your time on the ppl who wouldn't put forth any effort on you, hun. Trust me, there are some fake ass bitches in this area. Just keep doing you! And the ppl who DO matter, if they are worthy enough...God will put them in your life =)