No More New Year's Resolutions, Just Peace.

Mmmmm this year I'm going to......

Yeah Right?

Many people say that they are going to change this and that about themselves or do something better than what they did the years before. Quick question, how many of you actually keep those resolutions? To me it seems like valentine's day all over, you show how much you really love and care for a person on that day, but shouldn't you been doing that all year round?

For me this year I plan on not making resolutions, I plan on just letting God do the rest for me. Thats has always been my problem, planning, planning and more planning for how my life or situations should turn out. This the only resolutions that I will have is not to adapt to college, and just be me....that's all. I personally feel that people should not waste time making these redicolous resolutions that most will or will not keep or try to do.

This year I just want to face my demons, and deal with my issues, and enjoy life. To some that maybe dumb or irrelevant, but if you have been through what I been through in my life then you will not think that.

This year I want my pocket full of sunshine and spiritual joy back.

No resolutions, just peace.

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thanks for your comment! I like your idea!