And We Know How To Progress.

I have recently found out some news that will change how I will act towards certain people this semester on my campus. Now people I can be the most honest, and most nicest person you will meet, and I can see how that use to make people take advantage of me. But anyway I found out who has been well, let's say this in a delicate matter, speaking about me behind my back. I honestly don't care if it's about a pimple on my face, talking about someone is talking about someone.

I have come to the realization that I'm no longer dealing with or having any association with people who talk about me. I will come at them now and confront them. I have been the nice person for as long as I have been able to talk and well it has not lost it flavor.

All I can say is that, this semester will be interesting and for those who have talk about me well it will be interesting for them as well, they will see the new and real Bri'.

Oh btw this is a picture from last year.





Great post!
People will always talk shit bout your back - the more success you have the more shit they will talk.
Stay true to yourself dear!
You rock


Boutzie' said...

Thank you. =] And yes you are right. I will always from now stay true to who I'am

J.Ashley said...

Just kick them to the curb, and keep on moving =)

Boutzie' said...

Girl been kick them to the curb last week, I honestly dont care if they get offended.