Back To The Basics;With A Twist.

Sorry guys about the last few post, I just been on soul searching ride in the last five weeks, and wanted to express my inner thoughts on blogger. Oh how random of me. Tehe. =] Anyway of lately (funny how all my post are beginning to sound like that) I have been feeling really fed up with my style in fashion. I tired of seeing everyone dress the same way where I come, and I too feel like I'm slipping into that category. I'm bored with my makeup, my clothing choice, I was even so bored that I re-perm my hair from being natural. So what does a girl in this kind of case do? Go into fashion rehab and counseling. As you all should know by now, I love the decade the seventies. I was bless to have two parents who were living in that decade to help me build my fashion taste. I have been looking at pictures of the styles then, and for about a year or so I have been feeling really bohippie with a chic twist. Funny I say this? Well I did say if I could go rest of my life wearing maxi dresses and no shoes I would (I like shoes, but don't like to wear them). I'm in the process of taking things back to basics. I use to wear only eyeliner and sheer lips gloss. I'm tired of wearing eyeshadow and all that other junk. I mean already go days without wearing. Hence why I'm about to go back to the basics, but with a twist.
I like this style, it reminds me of Courtney Love from 90's, and I'm glad Taylor Momsen brought it back. And hey? Who cares if she wears her eyeliner on heavier side. Now this may not be bohemian or hippie, but I digs either way, because it somewhat looks like it, but it has a twist.
Another one Zoe Kravitz (Mmmm I think I mis-spelled her name) as you can see her mother and father both played kid roles in her style, hence like mine did. For some reason I just love the messy curly hair, rip jean shorts, glasses, boots, and bag look.

Need I say more. The olsen twins should really be like I don't. I mean coming as kids they dress kinda poppy, but they out of now where, they change up on everyone.
Who hasn't tried to ride a bike in heels before?

So yeah people, I'm switching up my style will be giving the fast chic look a rest for awhile. I'm going back to the basics, but making it a with a twist. Can we say, stay tune and you will see. 




baba riding the bike is amazing.

Boutzie' said...

I know I love it. =]

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Natalie said...

I tried to ride a bicycle in heels before )lt's so difficult..