Bathwater and Wine

Hi babies, miss me? lol

Hope everyone had a wonderful week, and if you live on the east coast you can just sigh with me. Well my birthday was awesome, and it ended awesome. Not going to go into detail, but it was the best birthday I had since well I was born. Being twenty so far is cool (friends are planning my 21st as I type now) I feel liberated and release. I don't know how to explain it, but I feel so not young anymore. Being 19th was starting to bug me in the worst way. It was killing me, but since I'm twenty I feel like my attitude is just go for it because your only young once. =]
Found this on the web. Love the way the lighting is. Being that I'm from the city, I love city lights.
It give me a sense of being home. But hey riding the subway when it's cold is not fun at all.

F' YOU BLACKBERRY!!!!!!!!!! yes my phone has officially died on me today. I mean right when I was in the middle of transferring over my contacts to my sim, it did something and poof! gave up. I was so piss because I just got this phone. Then my memory card all my shit (excuse the language) was erase in the temp phone I put it in. Ugh!!!!!!!!!
So this is the phone that I'm going to be getting in a few weeks. Screw blackberry they are sucking in the phone department. This will be my new baby. AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

Summer 2010 tehe
Btw way does anyone know who made these shoes? I want them and I can't seem to find who made them.

But over all this week was okay, and I'm still coming into my skin, and well it feels good.



Volkova Olesya said...

What you are beautiful))

Boutzie' said...

thanks hunns.

Kasia W. said...

wow those heels look great!

Boutzie' said...

Darling you and me both.

Kris said...

These shoes are made by Gianmarco Lorenzi - Seasons ago !

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Anonymous said...

Seasons ago, now,....they are STILL amazing.

Boutzie' said...

Hahaha yes they are amazing.