Inspiration For The Day.

Haven't done the whole inspiration and encouragement in a minute, so I here we go.

Many people in this world wonder why certain things happen to them. They question their very spiritual input, or their own self worth. As people we often try to live up to the expectations of man, and we try everything to gain their acceptance, but in the process we loose who we are because we down play who God really created us to be. Then we end up doing things that bring our characters into question by the ones who really know us. I'm learning the very thing about this. I too use to want to gain acceptance by man, because the very person (my father) never gave it to me. I wanted to be like everyone else, in the process I down played who God created me to be. After doing the things I said I would never do, it brought me to my breaking point last year. Honey's I learned a valuable lesson in this, ONE I learned not to look down on people who did those things, hence why this has humble me, and two I learned to come out of denial about a lot of things.

It is when you come out of denial and realized that there are things that are with you, that you have to fix, then God can starting the process of healing and delivering.


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Anonymous said...

heyy there! just happened to stumble across your blog! i love it! you have so much to offer, the background is lovely i really like it, you have some cute outfits and lots of inspiration words, blog posts and pictures(: