New Season, New Me.

So it has begun, a new year, fresh start in everything. For me its a new book, and new opportunities. I rung in the new year in church, and I was happy to have done exactly that. The sermon that was preach was basically saying making my move to moved on. The pastor preach from Duet. 1:6. It was about the Hebrews breaking camp, leaving the mountain which has kept them stuck. Well kitties I have moved on from everything, my past, bitterness, anger, emotional turmoil, everything that had kept me bond. So.......

This year and many more after, I refused to let dysfunctional people into my life. I said new season, new me. I'm not going to let people disrespect me or the anointing that God has set on my life. I have shifted gears, and I personally don't care if people cannot keep up. Hey they were not meant to go with me in the travel that God has planned for me.

I'm going to worry about Bri' this time around, and well I feel really good in the new year, and I'm bless that God let me see another year with my family, and my mother.



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TheDreamer xoxo said...

I love what you wrote darling, on the comment you left me & your blog post. It's a new year and a fresh new start. I agree on everything that you said. I hope this is a great year for the both of us! 2010 broke my heart into a million and one pieces.. I am praying this year I will be able to put my little heart back to the way its supposed to be :)
tasha marie