New's and Update's.

Hello everyone, as I'm sure you have notice, I have change my blog name. When I first created this blog, it was titled Standing Tall in Faith, Ourselves and our Passion. That was last year, and since this a new year, with new beginnings, the past is behind, why not change it. I speak some french, and I wanted to make my blog stand out more, plus I wanted to express how I feel. So I change my blog name to BBNouveauFavore, which means BBNewFavor. I have been granted new favor by God, and it's a blessing, because now I have the chance to really flow in Christ. =D

In other new's I will be taking actual classes for major this spring. I pass all my all electives last semester, and I'm looking forward to my graphics and visual media production class. Once I decide to actually used a domain, then I will upload some of my work (which will be copyright for protection).

More updates, how many of you go to church? Well if you do or don't this still can be of good use. Since I'm away at school I cannot make it to church as much, so I watch it online at, because the Internet connection where I'm at is near an army base. So I watch my services here. Now you can any church services here. Hey there's is nothing like a spiritual word to fill you up, and give you hope and blessings. Also there is other ministries called JesusCulture. They have amazing songs, and messages. Google them, and you will see. =D

I know I said that I will doing a makeup tutorial or nail tutorial. I did, just have to edit it, and make it more appealing. =]

My second package came in the mail, so happy, because I like the pieces of clothing that I got. Pictures of it will be up the week I get back to school.

"God has granted us the power to lead other's to him, he has granted us freedom.....he granted us beauty"


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