Single Or Not To Be Single? That Is The Question

So of lately I have been going back and forth about this topic. Single Or Not To Be Single? That is a question that has been pondering in my mine over the last year or so. You see I have never really been or just never been in a relationship because of personal reasons I will disclose over blogger. So instead I would have guys as friends. I could not see myself my in a relationship because one I just don't like the feeling of being committed. Hold up back this thing up and rewind; I don't like being contained. I'm a free spirit and I like flying and coming and going as I please.

So let's say if I was to date, I want a guy who is where I'm at right now in life. For example if I was to just stop talking to a guy because I need my space, then I expect for them to understand and just give me my space. Or if I was to be like I don't care I think this other guy is attractive, I would expect him not to get mad, just trust me. Basically I need a guy who can deal with my weird behavior and temper, and my spirituality. If they cannot handle my world then they don't have to be in it; hence why I really don't want to date.

I'm not you average girl I do what I want, and I don't want to worry about how you feel if I make or do actions that will offend you.

So yeah to be single or not to be single is the question that is on repeat like a Wiz Khalifa or Kid Cudi song in my head. And to be honest I do want to be in relationship you know to try it out, but then on the other hand I don't want to be in one. I'm not flirt, I just want to be me and not be committed. Mmmmm that sounds to contradicting, but hey I'm young so I'm still learning.

But for now, I'm just testing the waters to see if I can or not. Wouldn't you?




J.Ashley said...

when the time is right you will be in a relationship

Boutzie' said...

You are so right, when the time is right it will happen. But as for now I'm just going to have fun and be me.

Joni said...

What I've learned is that you can speculate or philosophize how it might or might not be... but untill you undergo true experience you have no clue as to how or what you will do or say. In general though relationships are a lot of work--you give a lot of yourself away. Granted so does your partner but time is the biggest test of your/his strength. Its not something you "think" about. Just do it. Take risks-- not trying to sound cliche. But thats the reality. You have to get hurt to feel good in other areas of your life. Otherwise your just wallpaper.

<3 thanks for your comment/follow

Boutzie' said...

Thank you because I want to, but is somewhat afraid. Risk? mmm that sounds like the plan.