Week One Of The New Year.

How is Monday going so far for you gals, and guys. ^_^ I hope its going well.
For me it was okay, just really laid around, and waited for package one to come today,
which it did, along with my moms books for class. =]

The first picture is me looking at my face, because stress, and school non-tasting food has mess my face up. My face is normal, and very sensitive. For example, the least little touch or kiss to my face will cause it to break out. And well since I was not getting the right food in my system, and stress, and etc, cause my face to have a break out. So I decided to save my money, and buy me some clinique, since it was the first thing (as a sample from sephora) to help my face over the summer. Then I also got some philosophy body cleanser. I love the smell of vanilla and the taste of birthday cake, so I got me some. Won't be using though till I got back to school.  And the three samples, I got because I'm waiting to use my beauty for a something as value. =]

I'm thinking of doing a tutorial. I'm not sure of what....Maybe of this..........

I like makeup, and nails. So I do both. Which do you guys want to see?

Peace and Blessings


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