You can trust me, but I won't trust you.

Hello darlings, hope everyone had a awesome weekend ^_^ and if you live on the east coast like me, brace yourself for more coldness.

I know you guys are wondering about the changes in blog. I'm in the process of getting my custom domain, and I'm reverting back to a classic theme. I didn't like the new blogger template, it was not me. I like for things on web pages to look clean and chic. So bare with me while I continue to reprocess my page.

A lot has change in the last couple years of my life. Things I thought I would never do, I did, and people I thought I would never hang with I do. But the most biggest thing is me being in college, and being a leader. With that being said there is like a price you have to pay with being a leader. You see I'm the type of person who thinks like this; What I do in my personal life and private time is my business, but it doesn't reflect my ability to be a good leader.  I'm human, I will mistakes, and good choices. Now most people in this world are falling apart because they try to be something that they are not. I used to live by it once, but my mindset is this now, I could care less. If you think because I did this, who the fuck are you to judge? Look at your own life, and please tell me your life has been perfect? Then we can agree to disagree. This world would be a better place if people would just accept the fact that they are human and they can and will make mistake. God knows who we are and he knows what lurks in our hearts, because well he created us. He put us here for a purpose, and he knew what we would do before we reach that purpose. With that being said, I don't trust people, and to be honest I do not trust the people I have in my space as of right now. It's not because they have did anything, it's me being on my guard. But this is funny because they can trust me, but I won't. They share with me all their dirt, and I give them my version, which is usually water down, and sugar with bleach (meaning it cleans it away.) But I'm the one of the group now who can admit when they mess up, and ask God to forgive her, and realized that I need to learn not to do certain. But them, I can say no. So yeah being a leader there is a price, but I have realized that I know who I am and I'm not going to let someone or persons make me feel guilty about my life and choices. Like I say they can trust me, but I don't trust them.
Ooolalalala an old photo again. This was taken by me in high school. As you can tell eyeliner was mostly what I only wore. Gosh darn I'm wearing only that now. Eyeshadow in my opinion is going out of style, being more natural fresh face now is the way to go.

Ah! my birthday picture. This was taken on a web-cam in my best guy pal room. Hahahaha it was an awesome birthday. I didn't plan on doing anything, and God just bless me. It was birthday that I would remember. "Welcome to being twenty"-Pierre
Red has always been my color, but now I'm really getting into it. With gold........mmmmmm love this picture.

BBNouveauFavore Photography

Till next time sweeites............enjoy ya day.



Serah Alabi ♥ said...

super Blog :-**

hugh serah

Boutzie' said...

thanks darling.

Miksu said...

The pink dress is adorable!! And you're right, we make mistakes and so what? it's part of being human! :)


Boutzie' said...

Thanks babes. And yes we do, we are only human.