We Cool, But We Ain't Cool.

Hello hunnies and gents, hope everyone had a good weekend in some form.
What did you guys do? Anything spectacular?

Well for me, it was a drama and fun weekend all in the same. Remember my last post, when I said that I was angry? Humph! well I'm getting better. This weekend brought so much stuff to the light. Like I realized that I'm to much of a good friend and people take my shit and me for granted.

This is what I wore today to the Kennedy Center in D.C.. Omgosh Alvin Ailey Dance Company is what I have always imagine for it to be. I have this kind of warm spot in my heart for the expression of black people lives. Like I believe all black people are beautiful. The texture and complicity of the skin makes for a good story telling of where we came from. AH!!!! I'm a sentimental hobbit. lol

  Sike I'm taller that hobbit.

But people remember that you were delivered out of Egypt (metaphor God bring you through the storm, please don't get offensive because of the recent Egypt crisis). But when he delivers us we have a tendency to go back and try to relive our slavery days. We cannot, we must not. Moving forward is the only option, and when you do it, every thing that God has for you, will be shown to you in the vibrant light in which it has been waiting to blossom.



Miksu said...

that's a bad situation, I know what it is when someone else is sucking all your power and everything... :( Everything's gonna be fine! :) <3


Boutzie' said...

Thank you. =D, I'm beginning to see that as well.

**OnYxStA** said...

guys are so blunt. Personally, thats why i love male company but i guess you wish u could give him a dutty slap when he said that.


Boutzie' said...

I wanted to punch him so bad lol

glitteryeyesxx said...

Babygirl, you're waaaaaaaaaaaay too beautiful and you have such a BIG heart to be wasted on this punk. If he doesn't realize what a gem he has in you, then wow---I truly feel sorry for him. Let it be HIS loss. Trust me, for every sucker who doesn't value and appreciate you...there's always going to be that ONE GUY out there in this world who would do anything to put a smile on your pretty face :)

I am kind of going thru the same situation you are. I hate being told the things that are wrong with me. I don't mind constructive criticism...but ppl bitch just for the mere sake of bitching (to hear their own pathetic voice?), that's where I draw the line. I have this one guy friend who CONTINUALLY always has to put his 2 cents about what he thinks about the way I talk, think, etc etc. And you know what? WHO GIVES A FUCK?!! I always tell 'em, "If you don't like blah blah blah about me...WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING TO ME??" Ha! That always shuts them up real quick. Because obviously they talk because there's SOMETHING there that holds them onto you.

All in all, I wouldn't sweat it too much, hun. It's up to YOU!! IF you feel like he deserves another chance, extend that offer to him. But be upfront about it. Tell him you're not gonna take NO BULLSHIT from him. And if he doesn't understand that, it's time to cut those strings.