Je Ne Suis Pas. ^_^

Happy Thursday Kitties.

Can't believe its Thursday already, my little self thought on Weds it was Thurs. WOW!!!

So yeah it's black history month, and I'm kinda piss off that my school really isn't taking the time to acknowledge this special month. Well you know me, I celebrate this month all year round. To me black people are really beautiful human beings. It bothers me when some don't think like this. I mean we are all God's children, but he does want us to love ourselves. I wonder would our ancestors be happy with how things have turned out so far? I mean we have made some progress, but why do brothers have to kill brothers? Sisters hate sisters? I don't understand why? I mean I can admit that I have felt or did something to my fellow man, but I learn not to do it anymore. Sighs....Well anyway I came across this picture of Beverly Johnson.
Beautiful huh? I mean look at that cut in her body, and the strong facial features. Grace Jones is up there, but Beverly Johnson was gorgeous. She to me is my inspiration everyday. Looking at this picture, tells me that black women are more than video vixens and etc. We carry the history of our people. We are strong, bold and beautiful not just in looks but in everything. For me you cannot get no better than that.

Photography done last year by my good friend. Ahhhh! yeah only a slip and button up.

Time to add more magazines to my collections. SIKE!!!  No I need to clean and throw those away, but why can't I do it? Mmmm because I have gotten inspirations from the covers.
About to wear my nails again. Feeling creative.


But sweeties remember to fly high and touch the sky for whatever God has for you.



Vicky K. said...

inspiring pictures!

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Joni said...

That woman is beautiful-- so are you girl!


Natalie said...

I think you are absolutely right.
And I think we are all beautiful

Boutzie' said...

@joni thanks girrlll ^_^

@Natalie yes I want more black people to think like this.

AVY said...

Amazing body yes.

ChloƩ 'Bradshaw' said...

Wonderful. ; I think you'll love it.

iUnderEye said...

way to rep it for black history month babes.

Banging nails!!




Sassy said...

Great blog. If you want, follow me and I'll follow you too :)

Sassy said...

Thanks... I follow you :D