Never Say Never.

Hey lovie's hope everyone had a awesome weekend again like. ^_^ Yes I know, I said to myself I wasn't going to party, but I did. Hey at least I got my key projects done and out the way.

Mmmmm these pass few days I been feeling very inspire and creative. I believe is because I went back home for few days from school. Just being in the city (where I'm from) it just gives me energy to feed off and on. I mean I love it. I can't live without, like I cannot live without God. I'm really coming into my skin, and realizing that I'm going to make it. Hey DREAM BIG!!!!!!! and GO HARD!!!!

So as I mention I did party this weekend. My school had a Winter Weekend (yes, tell me about it) and I went to the dance. I wore all black, and gray, with socks that were knee high. I haven't wore shades to a party or club in long time. I mean I don't drink, but I love it when people cannot see my eyes. But this what it all look like:

Dag! I must say me and my friend Bri look good, and me my best guy pal look good in this shot.
And this was me later after the party. Yeah I have tendency to sleep in what I party in, and then get up and put on comfy clothes. Ummm my mother is right, I need to get my life together on that sense lol

Also over this weekend I finish my graphic project and design objective project as well.
And while I was in the studio, I took advantage of the lighting and took some shots, yet again.


But overall my weekend was awesome. I learn something last night, yet again that is starting to happen to me more often. God will have us in the right place at the right time. After last night I saw that my presence alone can help someone. And for that, I can now officially back up, and let God watch over my friends and family, while I begin to take care of me. ^_^

Peace and Blessings


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glitteryeyesxx said...

Damn! Get it, girl! :)

As long as you work hard, you can play hard! You deserve it

Boutzie' said...

Thanks babes, and I was getting it on the dance floor. lol

J.Ashley said...

love the graphic design picture!!!

warmsugavanilla said...

Party Party Party!!!lol Looks like you had fun :) Love the red lips.

little miss glamourous said...

totally loving the pics!

check out my blog love

chelsea love

Dasey Dukes said...

If theirs a good party, then why not be IN there.! Lol, I really just said that. But the photos are great. You're very good at what you do! Details, details, DETAILS. I love <3


Boutzie' said...

Thanks hunns.

the details will remain on low key submission lol

Dasey Dukes said...

What exactly do you mean? & Thanks for following. Now im following you! : )

Jess said...

hey lovely, if i could id just do outfit posts in my trackie bottoms and a baggy tshrt.. haha
thats how i roll!
mmm knee high socks, love it!
cant wait for england to warm up so i can get my legs out again! haha

Boutzie' said...