No More Virus, No More Virus!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes no more virus!!!!!! Wosssh!!!!!! People be on the look out for this new virus called AntiVira AV. It knocks out everything on your PC, MAC, Laptops, and Mini. But anyway I'm back in business.

So how many of you on the East coast digging this warm weather for now. I know I'm digging it, to the point where I didn't want to come back to campus today. I mean don' t get me wrong if I did not have class today or work, Miss Boutzie' would still be back in the city roaming about. ^_^.

Yesterday I took advantage of the warm weather and went exploring and doing some photography. I even recorded some video's that I will be editing and putting them on my YouTube channel (You can view all video's that are non- blog related there). The channel is BBNouveauFavore.

So here are some of the shots that I took:

[If you would like to used one of my photo's please email me at my personal non blog email for permission. All photo's are property of BBNouveauFavore Blog.]

Beautiful, sheer blissful beauty. I love it, love being back in the city, when I get the chance to go.

This is what I wore waiting for the light rail to come. Just my vintage leather bomber (need to get a new one, but this one has memories.). My little keds, and some leggings, and my brother basketball shirt. Yes I my little beret came in handy, and my shades.

But as I was walking about enjoying my day, I had to stop and realized somethings. I'm going places, and I need to now cut of the people who can't seem to deal or handle their issues. I mean don't get me wrong we can be cool, but as some one told me today, they are the people that help you realized issues inside of you, and you got what you needed from the relationship. With that beings said, I'm just going to back up for a minute until they get them selves together and when they do, then we can kick it. But for now, I'm done letting people suck me dry, Bri' is going to enjoy the blessings that the promise land has to offer, not the land of Egypt.

On yeah if you have been following me on twitter, I have created a new one. and I have blog email set So for any inquiries, question, comments, or concerns please feel free to email me, and please follow my new twitter. Also if you have tumblr please follow me on there. The description of that blog is self explanatory.

But stay on the look out for the link to my videos.

Oh yeah, if you live on the East coast (DMV Area) email me at the above address for this blog. I want to do a blogger's meet up, and trying to see if anyone would be interested.

Until next time lovies!!!!!! Peacies!!!!!



Jess said...

you said it perfectly :)
thats exactly how i fell.. i just couldn't find the right words!
your photography is lovely.. glad it was a sunny day for you lady!

Boutzie' said...

Yes that what it is for me, hate looking like everyone else. And thank you very much, it was beautiful day.


JadoreMrPlastic said...

cute blog you gained a follower beautiful

Fé... said...

Really? Viruses? I've got this phobia when it comes to viruses. I once had to reset my PC and lost all my data! Not again thank you :) Nice pictures btw!

warmsugavanilla said...

So glad to hear from you, I was wondering where you had been hon lol. But just like you, I also got a virus and thankfully I got rid of it the next day for only $50 by someone who works at my school's technology building. Anywho, love the pics. I wish I lived near you so that you could take my pics b/c I feel that mine are so bland lol. Also, I totally agree with you on letting people go out of your life who are not going to help you grown. I think I actually have a post that is related to that. Hope your weekend has been great & have a lovely week sweets.
XOXO -Faith

Henar said...

Aww, this is beautiful!!
I love it!! ♥


Boutzie' said...

Awwwww thank you guys. ^_^