Lent. Day 1.

No picture of my day in this post guys. Just a brief over of how my day is so far.
I did say I was eating only veggies, fruits, and fish. Basically so far I'm doing good.
I'm trying hard not to cuss, and not listening to music is harrrrdddd. But overall I'm
doing good.

(I miss this person, before transferring to a 4 yr college)

In other news I been doing a lot of thinking about my life and relationships that I have with people. I would not say that I'm heated right now, but my mind, body, and soul have become immune to this one particular friends words. To be honest, why am I even friends with him? I feel like he should be thanking me that I would take the time out of my day to waste on him. I have taken so much of my energy to try and be the good friend, and I can honestly say that now I'm tired of it. What's the point of being friends with someone when people are talking and saying things. I should have listen to my mother, brothers, and close friends about cutting him off. I'm done with being close friends with him. Since he states that I'm no innocent, and he basically judges me on the low, then I guess we are not friends really. I use to fill bad about thinking those things, but now coming to the realization, he is a lame, and I wasted all my time in trying to be a good friend to him.

I'm tired of being friends with people who suck and take from me. I don't know why I stay around. I believe it because I feel like I can help them, but in reality I'm losing myself. I been down this road before, and I refuse to revert back to an old self. Friends are just a bonus, nothing more, nothing less.


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